The Far Eastern Affairs N3 2009



S.Luzianin. Warm Congratulations on the Jubilee


A. Mardashev. People’s Republic of China and European Union: Establishment of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and Prospects for Its Further Development

O. Timofeev. USA in Search of a New Strategy in Asia-Pacific

V.Trifonov. The Taiwan Problem at Current Stage


O. Zalesskaya. Organization of Economic Activity of Chinese Migrants in the Russian Far East (1920-1930)

A. Popenko. The Struggle Against Smuggling in the Russian Far East During the First Years of the Soviet Power and the Period of Far Eastern Republic


V. Chuvankova. Private Business of the PRÑ’s Economy in the Condition of Global Crisis

V. Balakin. Tianjin-Binhai: New International Investment Area of PRC

A. Mostovaya. Japanese Direct Foreign Investments in 1996-2007

V. Mazyrin. Displays of a Global Economic Crisis and Measures To Struggle It in Vietnam


A. Korzhubaev. Complex Development of Gas Resources in Eastern Russia


A.Kovalenko. A Role of Cossacks in Strengthening Russian — Mongolian and Russian — Chinese Borders in XVIII and the First Half of XIX Centuries

Sin Se Ra. Political Struggle in Ruling Circles of PDRK in 1953-1956: the Reasons and Dynamics


Li Xing. The Relationship Between Scientific Development and Harmonious World


O. Pochagina. Surrogacy in China


D.Kapustin. Hongkong — the First Port in Chehov’s Foreign Trip


Yu. Morozov. World Crisis and Geopolitical Situation in Central Asia: Urgent Strategic Problems of the Development of Shanghai Organization for Cooperation in XXI Century


A. Fominyh. Kurlanchik J. Charm Offensive: How China’s Soft Power is Transforming the World

F. Hamraev. The Shanghai Organization for Cooperation in Search of New Understanding of Safety: Papers of the International Conference in Alma-Ata

E. Kobelev. Mazyrin V. Transitional Reforms in Vietnam (1986—2006): Direction and Development Dynamics


Svetlana Alexeevna Gorbunova




O. Timofeev. USA in Search of a New Strategy in Asia Pacific

The shift of power in the United States to a new administration makes Washington to articulate more clearly its own strategy in a changing international situation. Asia Pacific region seems to become one of key directions in the US global strategy. Recent prerequisites of the US political scientists give us possibility to assume that the White House will adhere to more moderate course in its relationship with East Asian major economic powers, such as China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN.

A. Mostovaya. Japanese Direct Foreign Investments in 1996-2007

The author analyzes recent trends in the field of Japanese direct foreign investment. The current period of DFI process саn be characterized by three distinctive features related to the economic situation both in Japan and the world: the active expansion into manufacturing industries of developing countries, particularly Asian economies; the sharp increase of DFI in the oil and gas sector; and increased cross-border outward M&As (Mergers and Acquisition). The investment activity of Japanese companies accompanied by increase in sales of Japanese affiliates abroad proves to strive for their competitiveness in global scope.

O. Pochagina. Surrogacy in China

The article covers the development of latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART) as a result of social importance of the infertility problem and phenomenon of surrogacy in China. Furthermore, this article analyzes the new aspect of reproductive behavior of the well-to-do social group, the reasons why this trend is forming and why new reproductive technologies are very relevant and in great demand in modern Chinese society.

The author pays attention to national regulations of surrogate motherhood, reviews Chinese mass media materials where recently topics on the rapid expansion of surrogacy are broadly and emotionally discussed. The article highlights the legal problems surrounding surrogacy practices as well as specific precedents.

D. Kapustin. Hongkong — the First Port in Chehov’s Foreign Trip

The article describes the first trip abroad of 30-year old Anton Chekhov, in particular the days he spent in Hong Kong during the autumn of 1890. It focuses mainly on the Chekhov `s impressions about Hong Kong reflected in his letters. It also details the significance of this trip for Chekhov. Attached are photos of Hong Kong from the Chekhov `s archive published for the first time.